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19. Enero 2023

GKD at FILTECH 2023: Keeping things clean!

At FILTECH, the leading international trade show for filtration and separation technology, GKD will present solutions to make water cleaner and air more pure, true to the company's vision: FOR A HEALTHIER, CLEANER, SAFER WORLD.

Whether it’s laundry, showering, or driving, so many of our actions constantly release microplastics into the environment and water. They take the form of chemical fibers washed out of synthetic clothing, microparticles in cosmetics, or tire abrasion on the roads. As a global technological leader for advanced industrial mesh and filtration solutions, GKD has been steadily working on solutions to these problems for years. For example in the research projects Optimized Materials and Processes for Removing Microplastics from the Water Cycle (OEMP) and Tire Abrasion in the Environment (RAU), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). GKD’s stand at FILTECH (February 14-16 in Cologne) will also focus on solutions for water and microplastics filtration. GKD will present its three-dimensional Porometric filtration mesh, which outperforms all comparable meshes in this field. The company will also introduce an innovative microfilter crucible for microplastics analysis, resulting from a collaboration between the German Federal Environmental Agency and the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. To round off the microplastics focus, Dominik Herper, Development Engineer at GKD, will give an expert presentation on “Microplastic filtration and filtration of heavily diluted sludge”. While in Cologne, GKD will also address innovations in hot gas filtration. These include Trimetric and Volumetric filtration mesh, with applications such as dust filtration in industry or exhaust filtration in vehicles. Yet it’s not only in the area of industrial mesh that GKD stands out from the crowd. Michael Seelert, Market Segment Director, Process Belts, says, “Our strength is looking at our customers’ processes as a whole. To find the best and most efficient solutions, we use all of our expertise in the fields of industrial mesh and process belts.”
GKD at FILTECH 2023: Hall 8, Stand B19

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