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Industrial mesh

Sand control screens for use in crude oil production

Sand control screens

Sand control screens are cut-to-size wire meshes that ultimately form part of a multi layer pipe structure. These sand control screens are used in crude oil production, where they ensure that the sandy oil sludge is not pumped up to the top together with the oil.

Due to the strict requirements stipulated by the application and deployment conditions, the semi-finished sand control screens are subjected to various highly critical processing and testing stages. Process reliability is the key for the entire production procedure. This starts with cleaning and thermal treatment of the mesh, which guarantees the best possible protection in terms of the corrosion resistance of the materials used. All screens are also 100%-tested for pore accuracy. This ensures that every cut-to-size piece is completely faultfree with regard to its pore size. In this way, we ensure that no major wear or defects can occur during the deployment period.
The mesh segments are all cut to size using plasma cutting technology, which ensures that the edges are secured.

Technical details and services

  • Checked for absolute absence of defects and accuracy of pore size
  • Cleaning and thermal treatment for the ultimate in corrosion resistance
  • Secured edges

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