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Process belts

GKD conveyor belts for manufacturing incontinence and hygiene products


GKD offers special fabric belts made of plastic or stainless steel that are perfectly matched to different manufacturing systems.

In order to ensure the highest level of comfort while maintaining a consistently high moisture absorption capacity, diapers are made from various nonwoven materials (mainly polypropylene/polyethylene), cellulose, superabsorbents (made of polyacrylate) and Lycra bands for the legs/waist. The diaper products are transported through the production lines on air-permeable fabric conveyor belts during the fully automatic manufacturing process. While they are being transported at high speeds, the individual diapers are positioned precisely on the synthetic fabric belts by providing pinpointed air suction. All GKD process belts are delivered with an endless woven seam, are non-marking in the seam area and also have a stable, accurately cut longitudinal edge for perfect tracking at high rotational speeds.


  • Exact tracking thanks to high dimensional and form stability
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Broad edge coating and exact edge cutting
  • Endless woven seam – absolutely non-marking

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