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Process belts

Doublebacker belts from GKD are an important component in the production of corrugated board.

Corrugated board

For more than 20 years, metal pressure belts have been used to glue corrugated sections to the inner liner in the module facer produced by our partner company BHS Corrugated. Further downstream in the process, in the double facer for the corrugated board system, one or more "single-faced corrugated boards" are glued to what will later become the outer layer of the raw cardboard packages using heat and pressure.

With its corrugated board belts for the double facers, GKD is pursuing a new and independent philosophy.

Using the specially developed mesh structure, GKD has not only been able to significantly reduce the weight per unit area, but also massively increase air permeability. All meshes in the Conducto® range are permanently antistatic. In addition, our heating belts always come with robust edge reinforcement as standard and guarantee a long service life. Thanks to their high degree of air permeability, our corrugated board belts offer better steam extraction. This in turn leads to optimization of the production parameters: material, speed, and quality. Boasting low weight, significant potential savings can also be achieved in the ever more important area of energy consumption.

Doublebacker belts from GKD can be used as both upper and lower belts in corrugated board systems. Thanks to our decades of experience and expertise in the corrugated board industry, the belts guarantee optimum manufacture of corrugated board. Coupled with a worldwide 24/7 service hotline and intensive technical consulting, GKD is an internationally reliable partner for your company.

Characteristics & benefits

  • Up to five times greater air permeability than comparable products
  • Up to one third lower weight per unit area than comparable products
  • Dissipation of electrostatic charge thanks to patented Conducto® mesh design
  • Open mesh structure guarantees optimum removal of steam from the corrugated board
  • Excellent flatness of the sheets thanks to even residual moisture content; good stackability
  • Potential savings in the field of drive energy
  • Optimization of the production parameters: material, quality, and speed
  • Non-marking seam
  • Dimensionally stable and consistent characteristics of the corrugated board belt thanks to special thermosetting
  • 24/7 service hotline

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