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Process belts

High-speed GKD conveyor belts ensure optimum fiber forming


The requirements of modern nonwovens and their respective manufacturing processes are constantly growing.

The manufacture of fibrous fleece starts with the flat or voluminous arrangement of fibers on synthetic mesh belts. GKD provides many different antistatic synthetic mesh belts for this with its Conductive & CONDUCTO® ranges – available with endless woven seam or with non-marking woven-on pin seam. These anti-static belt types, also referred to as forming fabrics, are designed specially for the high-speed production systems used in nonwoven forming.

Conveyor belts in the CONDUCTO® and Conductive ranges are used in many different types of nonwoven forming, such as:
airlaid, spunlaid, wetlaid and drylaid nonwoven forming.


  • Dimensional and form stability for precise tracking
  • Electrostatic discharge as per the ATEX standard
  • Non-marking pin seam – closable on site
  • Stable edge coating on synthetic mesh belts

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