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Spiral fabrics: seamless fabrics for dewatering, drying, screening and filtration

Spiral fabrics

Due to their production process, spiral fabrics do not have a seam and are therefore more suitable for numerous industrial applications than woven fabrics.

Spiraled continuous screens are ideal for applications in which a seam would be prone to failure due to mechanical loads. Seamless spiral meshes are therefore commonly used in dewatering processes with fibrous products such as coconut fibres or for sludge dewatering in the paper industry. Spiral screens are often also used in a range of thermal applications, including drying of veneers, manufacture of gypsum plasterboard or for multi-stage dryers in the food industry.

Depending on the intended purpose, the spirals can be made from round or flat wires and have antistatic, dirt-repellent or enhanced abrasion-resistance properties. Spiral fabrics from GKD are available as filter and dryer screens or as conveyor belts made of polyester or PPS.

Application-optimized air permeability rates, tracking stability, a high throughput rate and good separating behavior make the new GKD spiral fabrics ideal for a multitude of applications – whether filled or unfilled.

Spiral fabric properties:

  • Optimum product structure, optimum product release
  • no swelling at the joint
  • no change in air permeability in the seam area
  • optimum throughput performance
  • can also be used for applications with high process-based screen warpage
  • suitable for small roller diameters

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