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Rendering doublebacker belt Conducto 3322 Top Belt

Corrugator belt for the double facer

Top and lower belt

With its revolutionary mesh design, the innovative new CONDUCTO® 3322 corrugator belt ensures more efficient processes in corrugated board production.

Doublebacker belt allrounder for your corrugated board production system

We are happy to advise you on the innovative corrugator belt for the double facer of your corrugated board production system.

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Advantages in corrugated board production

The CONDUCTO® 3322 corrugator belt is ideal as both top belt and lower belt. It has patented, multi-layer mesh technology with a stable, open design and interwoven bronze wire. It is precisely tailored to the requirements of the corrugated board industry.

  • Special mesh: polyester mesh with interwoven bronze wires
  • Increased production speed
  • Long service life
  • Improved steam extraction thanks to increased air permeability
  • Significant energy savings thanks to reduced weight per unit area
  • Permanent antistatic properties thanks to interwoven bronze wires
  • Dimensional stability thanks to thermosetting and mesh design
  • Robust and abrasion-resistant aramid edge reinforcement

One mesh, two functions: you no longer need to use an unnecessarily complicated range of products.

The top belt: revolutionary mesh design

The CONDUCTO 3322 doublebacker belt consists of a unique multi-layer mesh for greater efficiency in corrugated board production.

Interwoven bronze wire: constant electrostatic discharge, no adhesion of the corrugated board, significant minimization of fire risk

Base mesh made of monofilaments: consistent dimensional stability, no elongation of the belt during the entire service life, high cross stability, optimal flatness of the corrugated board

Transport/traction layer made of special staple fiber yarn: reliable grip of the corrugated board, aramid edge reinforcement to protect against abrasion at the edges, no adhesion, ideal moisture absorption and release, reduced noise emission

  • Rendering doublebacker belt Conducto 3322 Top Belt
  • lower corrugator belt silicone coated type Conducto 3322

The lower belt: uncoated and coated

The lower belt comes with an electrostatic discharge as standard that prevents the corrugated board from sticking. The risk of fire is also significantly minimized. 

Uncoated: universally suitable for all corrugated board production systems, press systems, and production speeds, excellent steam extraction, optimal flatness, long service life

Coated: special silicone coating for increased paper grip, particularly suitable for heavy corrugated board and papers with smooth surfaces

Lower belt benefits at a glance

  • Secure and slip-free conveying
  • Maximum traction and a long service life
  • Secure dissipation of electrostatic charge throughout the entire service life
  • Reduced reject rate, as the corrugated board does not stick
  • Accessories such as antistatic brushes are no longer needed
  • The same product as the top belt
  • Excellent steam extraction
  • Optimum corrugated board flatness

The special seam for the doublebacker belt

The specially developed flat PAD seam is technically superior to conventional seams and is reproducible in consistently high quality. It prevents imprints, ensures easier gliding of the contact pressure systems over the seam area, and reduces seam damage to a minimum.

Benefits of the special seam

  • Precisely tailored to corrugated board production
  • High strength and durability
  • Optimized belt running characteristics
  • Ease-of-use (handling)
  • Particularly flat
  • Non-marking
  • Precisely reproducible quality

Service & add-ons for the corrugated board industry

24/7 service worldwide: we provide you with round-the-clock support in all matters – from consulting through belt installation to fast trouble-shooting.

Convenient belt installation & repairs: The GKD tow-in tools make it especially simple to install the belt without damage. They can be used several times over and, thanks to the precise installation instructions, allow you to fit the belt yourself. Otherwise, our global service team will do this for you, along with fast and professional repairs.

Packaging of the corrugator belts: the stable and reliable GKD packaging guarantees safe international transport and provides the perfect storage solution for spare belts. The GKD unwinding unit greatly simplifies the process for installing/drawing the belt into the corrugated board production system, while at the same time increasing occupational safety. 

Seam Doublebacker belt type Conducto 3322 with XLHG PAD seam

mobile clipper seam press doublebacker belt Conducto 3322

Tow in device doublebacker belt Conducto 3322

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