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Industrial mesh

Wire mesh elements and wire mesh media for drying powders and bulk goods

Drying technology

Wire meshes from GKD are used as a retention medium and combined filter-drying medium in the most diverse of applications.

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, filter dryers are equipped with Gekuplate filter bottom. They are produced individually based on the specific requirements of the equipment and processes. Other applications use mesh or Gekuplate mesh laminates as inserts in drying or washing tanks, where they serve as permeable retention media for a wide range of materials.

Benefits for drying applications

  • Gekuplate filter bottoms in standard stainless steels and special materials
  • Mesh inserts for separation rates down to 5 µm for dryer elements
  • Fluidizing bottoms with matched permeability and retention rates
  • Filter bottoms for filter dryers
  • Mesh inserts for Nutsche filters / dryers
  • Filter baskets and dryer baskets for washing and drying applications
  • Fluidizing bottoms for drying bulk goods

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