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Industrial mesh

Wire mesh for EMI shielding

EMI shielding

Metal mesh from GKD is used for shielding electromagnetic radiation in vehicles, electronics, buildings, rooms and equipment.

A wide variety of wire meshes made of copper or bronze are available for shielding electromagnetic waves in vehicles, buildings, rooms and installations.
For high demands on shielding effect and optical transparency in display panels, shielding meshes have been developed which have an absolutely uniform black coloration and high attenuation values.

For applications in shielding technology, we manufacture special meshes for optical applications, wire meshes for installation in composites or other material systems, and metal meshes for use in the construction industry.

Benefits for EMI shielding

  • Effective shielding of electromagnetic radiation
  • High optical transparency (> 80%)
  • Absolutely homogeneous black coloration
  • Mesh widths up to 2 m for large formats
  • Lightweight mesh for composite materials
  • Mechanically robust mesh for the construction industry

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