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Leaf disc filter

Leaf disc filters are used as filter or screen elements in the most diverse of applications. Typical areas of application include the filtration of extruded polymers and use as elements in solid-liquid or air filtration applications.

GKD uses die cutting technology for the production of leaf disc filters in large quantities and for individual forms its laser system specialized in the production of wire mesh. As a general rule, all meshes can be used to produce a leaf disc filter, from the finest twilled dutch weave to highly robust square meshes.

Based on the respective applications, the leaf disc filters are produced as single or multi-ply discs. In the case of multi-ply discs, the individual plies can be bonded to one another using sheet-metal frames or spot welding. Cleaning the leaf disc filter is an important step. Leaf disc filters from GKD are produced from degreased and cleaned mesh. In the case of framed or spot-welded leaf disc filters, any soiling is removed during the final cleaning stage.

Technical details and services

  • Diameters starting from 2 mm
  • Individual production based on geometry and filter design
  • Batch sizes from small batches to large series
  • Processing of all available fabrics
  • Framed, spot-welded and sintered multi-ply leaf disc filters
  • Highest level of cleanliness thanks to pre-cleaning and post-cleaning

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