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Industrial mesh

Mesh and regenerators for Stirling technology

Stirling technology

Mesh and regenerators from GKD are used in many different Stirling coolers and Stirling engines.

Based on the design stipulations (porosity and dimensions), we develop and produce regenerators for a wide range of Stirling units. The spectrum ranges from miniature coolers and large-scale coolers, right through to large Stirling engines in the high kilowatt range. The production technology encompasses the entire vertical range of manufacture, from mesh production, through application-oriented post-treatment, right through to production of sintered regenerators as ready-to-use assembly parts for series production.

For use with the Stirling technology, we produce special mesh for optimum regenerators, disc assemblies made of bronze, copper and stainless steel, as well as custom designs and sintered regenerators for OEMs.

Benefits for Stirling technology

  • Exact porosity up to 80%
  • Highest level of cleanliness
  • Sophisticated production technology for sintered and non-sintered regenerators
  • Reproducible series production
  • Special developments for high-temperature ranges in the regenerators
  • Special meshes for individually designed regenerators

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