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08. Dec 2020

GKD: for a healthier, cleaner, and safer world

Kindly note that we are a certified essential service during the COVID-19 lockdown, please view our certificate for more information.

GKD products are everywhere. They are used on airplanes all over the world as strike protection, they filter exhaust gases and microplastics, they increase the safety and improve the energy balance of buildings, and much more. Have you never come across a GKD product? You'd be surprised! Discover GKD, the hidden champion in action.

GKD is solving tomorrow’s problems today – with the courage to try new things and the will for continuous improvement.

Metal, synthetic, and hybrid mesh from GKD as well as semi-finished products and components based on mesh are used all over the world: in industry, in filter equipment, as conveyor and process belts, on and in buildings, and much more.

Products from GKD are the result of research and development, and the vision of making the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Learn some fascinating details and discover the GKD spirit in this great video.

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