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Filtration mesh for dewatering gypsum in fertilizer production


Filter belts made of GKD synthetic fabric are used in vacuum belt filters to dewater the gypsum that accumulates when producing fertilizers.

Robust GKD fabrics are deployed for the fast and efficient dewatering of phosphorous gypsum on vacuum belt filters. The VACUBELT® 3354 and VACUBELT® 3356 variants developed specifically for this application ensure optimum running of the belt and a long service life by offering a high degree of lateral stability. GKD filter belts from the VACUBELT® range are manufactured from single layer polyester fabrics and have a flat clipper seam connection.


  • Single ply fabric without multifilament weft wires
  • Easy cleaning of the fabric
  • Good filter cake release
  • High lateral stability of the filter belt
  • Aperture size of 150 µm to 220 µm

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