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Transport belts for the production of nonwovens

Conveyor belt, forming belt,
sieve belt, dryer belt

GKD produces special belts made of metal mesh, synthetic mesh, and hybrid mesh for the nonwovens industry and all processes for nonwoven web forming.

Spunlaid • Carding • Wetlaid • Drylaid

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Transporting, Sieving, Drying, Pressing

Woven belts from GKD for the production of nonwovens and for textile applications meet all requirements of the different production steps. They impress with customized properties for web forming, web bonding, and web drying.

Forming belts for spunlaid (spunbond and meltblown), carding, wetlaid, and drylaid processes are available in different mesh types – specially developed for each particular process. They ensure optimum grip on the fibers or filaments while providing easy release of the web at the exit of the machine.

Mesh properties: antistatic, cleanable, flexible, robust

The single-layer, double-layer, or multi-layer mesh belts are air permeable and fluid permeable. This ensures that the nonwovens are securely held and transported on the belt. Wetlaid nonwovens are dewatered as they are transported. Aerodynamically laid nonwovens are deaerated.

Conveyor belt for single belt ovens & double belt dryers

Belts for single belt ovens with maximum lengths of 600 feet/183 meters with no additional seams and widths up to 20 feet/6 meters as well as belts for double belt dryers with a wide variety of metal, synthetic, and combination hybrids for the nonmagnetic lower belts in addition to the magnetic upper belts: With excellent cross-stability, our conveyor belts can track well, avoid deflection, and maintain designated air permeability much better than flimsy meshes or scrims. To optimize performance in the demanding circumstances of nonwoven production we can provide additional anti-stick coatings. Likewise, we can customize all parameters of a conveyor belt to match your individual process needs whether you are:

  • Drying
  • Thermobonding/Thermal Bonding
  • Calibrating
  • Pressing

We also provide vast experience in chemical bonding applications that require special alloys and exclusive seams to perform in unique conditions.

  • Drylaid-Krempel
  • Airlaid
  • Spunlaid

Pressing belt: TRACKMATIC™ belt, sieve belt, spiral belt

GKD TRACKMATIC™ belts transport the web to press appliances for the defined imprint of hygienic products.

High speed transport: Our vacuumed sieve belts and spiral sieve belts are ideally suited for nonwovens transport at very high speeds – for example in the production of baby diapers and incontinence products.

Needle belt, compact belt, dewatering belt

Water jet bonding is a special type of web bonding that effectively employs our needle belts, compact belts, and dewatering belts as woven sieves.

Special applications in nonwovens production require special solutions. Metal belts, synthetic belts, duofil belts, and hybrid belts from GKD offer the best properties for washing and bleaching nonwoven webs. GKD venting belts ensure controlled web transport of light grammages in high-performance plants.


Electrostatic discharge via metal wires for nonwoven forming


Electrostatic discharge via carbon-coated filaments for nonwoven forming


High transverse stability for thermobonding, drying, and forming of nonwovens.

V-crimp-type belt on roller

Self-controlled TRACKMATIC™ belts eliminate the need for belt control.

Spiral belts

Seamless spiral belts for production of hygiene products and nonwoven drying

Linear screen

Plain weave, defined apertures for a wide range of uses.

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