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Vision & Sustainability

Vision & Sustainability

Why do we do what we do? What unifies all of our activities at GKD is our vision: we want to make the world we live in healthier, cleaner and safer with our products and services. That is what drives us.

Our customers and partners choose GKD because we are experts in problem-solving. We find solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow. To make our customers more successful, we provide our solution competence, our willingness to improve continuously and our courage to try something new.

We achieve our goals by building on two key strategic priorities: competence and cooperation, both internally and with strong external partners. To continuously develop ourselves and maintain our market power, we consistently invest in people, machinery equipment and technology.

Our Focus on Sustainability and that what matters

We strive to make the world we live in healthier, cleaner and safer – that is our corporate vision. Through innovation and the conservation of resources, we create customer value that also serves the sustainable development of our planet for generations to come.

We as GKD firmly hold the view that the careful use of resources and business success are not conflicting objectives. On the contrary, we prove daily that business can and must be sustainable and that sustainability is economical. This productive field of tension drives us at GKD to top performance.

Technical fabrics have proven themselves for centuries in a multitude of applications. Metal, synthetic and hybrid fabrics and the products made from them can solve many of the problems facing mankind and the planet. We at GKD consistently strive for innovations and solutions that protect our valuable resources. To give an example, we are active in the field of water treatment, the most important natural resource, as well as in applications such as medical technology, the future of mobility, food hygiene, the protection of humans from infections or the energy optimization of buildings.

We focus on sustainability not only with regard to our customers, their processes and applications and thus our product portfolio, but also with regard to our internal company processes and their ecological footprint. For many years, our company has been certified according to the leading standards and we set ourselves ambitious goals in the areas of energy, environment, occupational safety and health protection.

Our family business stands for quick decisions and, at the same time, long-term thinking. In everything we do, we involve our customers, our suppliers and partners, our employees at all locations and the world we live in. Together we want to develop with the perspective of a long future and take care of what matters.

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