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Optimal processing and custom-fit finishing

GKD stands for precise mesh made of metal and plastic wires as well as technical fibers – ready for use in all industrial sectors. We use these materials to develop and manufacture solutions for a wide range of industries and applications such as efficient meshes, process belts, components, filter systems and architectural meshes. We respond to ever shorter technology and demand cycles with continuous innovations. This long-standing prowess in development, along with our process expertise and our consistent pursuit of an ideal cost-benefit ratio for our customers, has made us first choice in these fields around the world. With six plants in Germany (headquarters), USA, Chile, South Africa, India and China, GKD is close to the markets throughout the world. Our customers can find additional subsidiaries and global representations in France, Spain and Dubai, amongst other places. This global positioning, close to the markets, means we are always able to offer reproducible standards on which our customers can rely.


With modern weaving and manufacturing machines, we are able to achieve the full spectrum of industrial meshes and structures made of metal, plastic, technical fibres and their combinations. Our maximum mesh width is up to 8m.



Depending on the task and application, we use different cutting procedures. The following are available:

  • Laser cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Roller blade cutting
  • Cutting with rigid blades
  • Hot cutting for synthetic meshes


Metal mesh up to a width of 2m can be cleaned in a continuous process in an ultrasonic bath. A batch cleaning process is available for components/filters. In special cases, the mesh can also be electropolished or pickled.

Calendering (rolling)

Metal mesh is rolled with the objective of:

  • Achieving a smooth surface
  • Modifying the pore sizes
  • Reducing the mesh thickness
  • Eliminating tension in the mesh


Thermal treatment

Metal meshes undergo thermal treatment to ensure:

  • Reversal of the metallurgical change caused by cold-forming during the weaving process
  • Achievement of reproducible forming properties
  • Elimination of tension in the mesh

Synthetic meshes undergo thermal treatment to prevent shrinkage or expansion during use.


Depending on the batch size stamped and deep-drawn parts are manufactured in manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic production processes. Edges can be produced on a press brake up to a width of 4m.


Depending on the task and the materials to be machined, a wide range of machining methods optimized for the processing of meshes are available:

  • MIG, plasma, MAG and WIG welding
  • Resistance welding (spot, roller and KE welding)
  • Fully-automatic Neverleak spot welding technology
  • Laser welding
  • Filter elements
  • Hard and soft soldering
  • Adapted bonding technologies
  • Web and sewn seams

Clean room/sterile room

To achieve the level of cleanliness required by the automotive, electronics and aviation industries, clean and sterile rooms are available for the relevant processes and production procedures.

Coating/painting/anodizing/particle blasting

Coating technologies round off the properties of the metal mesh to achieve:

  • Increased corrosion-resistance
  • Increased protection against abrasion
  • Non-stick properties
  • Anti-fouling properties

In architectural applications, colors and surfaces play an increasingly important design role.


Metal mesh is drawn, in particular in the case of wide meshes, to ensure stabilisation of the structure and to eliminate tension in the mesh.

Camera inspection

100% inspection of all mesh openings for deviations are ensured by means of independent camera inspection in series production.


Packaging is carried out manually or automatically. Depending on the logistics concept, single use or reusable packaging is implemented.

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