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GKD is not only the market leader when it comes to manufacturing technical weave, but also in the development of new products. We support the development of new filter meshes and filtration solutions with simulation tools. Here, GKD places its trust in the GeoDict® software developed specifically for porous structures and the OpenFOAM simulation library. OpenFOAM is a software tool used in particular by universities and research institutions. These simulation tools allow us to live up to our claim of being an innovative and solutions-oriented system supplier.

Real model generation

Our expertise allows us to virtually create single-layer, multi-layer or pleated filtration mesh and, if required, combine it with a nonwoven, foam or other filter media. In order to depict the model as realistically as possible, there is also the option of integrating existing filtration mesh in the simulation environment by means of a computerized tomography (CT) scan. This procedure makes it possible to precisely analyze the pore geometry of the filter medium before the actual calculation.

Calculation options

Our simulation expertise ranges from the simple calculation of pressure loss in a wire mesh or examining turbulent, compressible and/or non-Newtonian flows, right through to analyzing entire filter systems. With the help of numerous software tools, we are able to accurately predict the largest pores or the pore size distribution and porosity of a filtration mesh or mesh bundle. Even the calculation of complex problems such as the observation of multiphase flows, fluid-structure interactions (FSI) or of the heat transmission on woven structures can be realized. In addition to calculating flow processes, it is also possible to perform structural-mechanical calculations on metal meshes or components by applying the finite element analysis (FEA).

From theory to practice

The results determined through the simulation allow us to precisely analyze and evaluate flow processes and their causes. This enables our development engineers to optimize flow control in accordance with customer wishes and the operational scenario. Flow optimization of filter packages, the reduction of pressure loss and the identification of inefficiently utilized filter surfaces are particular focuses here. Furthermore, it is still possible to determine filtration efficiency and degradation behavior when using the filter medium in abrasive media.

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