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GKD DUOFIL® conveyor belt for drying nonwoven materials


DUOFIL® conveyor belts made of combined synthetic-metal materials are used as a custom solution for slightly adhesive nonwoven products in feed ovens and double belt dryers.

DUOFIL® belts are the further development of our stainless steel mesh conveyor belts.
Stable metal wires continue to be used as the weft wires in this mesh design. However, based on the maximum operating temperature and the respective process conditions, the following synthetic wires providing good non-stick properties are used as warp wires: Polyester (up to 130°C), PPS (up to 180°C) or PEEK (up to 230°C). Flexible synthetic wires in running direction (MD) offer excellent belt strength and a long service life, particularly when used with low-diameter rollers. In combination with the laterally stable metal weft wires, the DUOFIL® belt is a highly reliable and fault-free conveyor belt, particularly when used at high production speeds. DUOFIL® belts offer excellent electrostatic discharge – an important requirement in the production of nonwovens.


  • Reliable and fault-free running at high production speeds
  • Excellent electrostatic discharge
  • High degree of dimensional and form stability thanks to fabric thermosetting (precise belt tracking)
  • Special model for magnetic upper belt in two-belt dryers

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